6DOT50 Reports Significant Monthly Revenue Increases Amounting to More than R1.6 Million in Digital Rand Sales.


09 November 2021 – 6DOT50, a digital money and transactional solutions platform, today reported having surpassed revenue of R1.6 million in Digital Rand sales having processed over 8000 transactions. Merchants accepting 6DOT50 payments have also experienced significant increases in both transactions volume and value over the past 3 months.

“ We are pleased with the performance of our PAY WITH CRYPTO and 6DOT50 PAY features which have been the primary drivers of our transactions volumes and account for 62% of our revenue,” says Warren Venter, founder & CEO at 6DOT50.

PAY WITH CRYPTO – offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts an offramp that enables users to pay for goods and services using one of 5 cryptocurrencies currently accepted as payment by 6DOT50. “By providing a bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currency we facilitate the exchange of value between crypto users and merchants making cryptocurrency as acceptable as bank card payments,” says Venter.

6DOT50 PAY – offers organisations the ability to instantly distribute rewards, incentives, wages, and commissions to any mobile number by simply uploading a PAY file. “We previously distributed brand-specific vouchers without any ability to manage the distribution to hundreds of recipients. Using 6DOT50 PAY has not only saved on fees and frustrations, but our recipients of Digital Rands are delighted with being able to spend their value across more than 50 000 stores and online retailers without being tied to brand-specific spend,” says Dominque Friedl, General Manager at PayJoy.

The 6DOT50 merchant network has also received a boost with the inclusion of Mr D and Incredible Connection now accepting 6DOT50 payments. With more than 50 000 stores and online retailers, 6DOT50 offers the most comprehensive network of merchants where cryptocurrency holders can spend their value.

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