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What is a 6DOT50 DIGITAL Voucher?
A 6DOT50 Digital voucher is a product sold by 6DOT50 that offers the owner of the voucher an opportunity to exchange the voucher for other products and services that are available through approved 6DOT50 redemption partners. The Digital voucher is issued and stored online versus the traditional paper or plastic issue.
What is a 6DOT50 Digital Rand Voucher?
A 6DOT50 Digital Rand voucher (DZAR) is a voucher that is linked to the value of the South African Rand.
What is a 6DOT50 Digital Dollar Voucher?
A 6DOT50 Digital Dollar voucher is a voucher that is linked to a known and trusted value like the United States Dollar and because it has a common measure of value it can be exchanged for any other products and services.
How safe is it to hold a 6DOT50 Digital Voucher?
If you HOLD 100 Digital Dollars, we HOLD 100 US Dollars in a separate bank account that is independently managed and controlled by professional organisations to ensure that the funds are only used for your benefit and in accordance with the 6DOT50 Membership and Benefits Rules.
How do I BUY Digital Rand Vouchers?
Once registered with 6DOT50, select the BUY function using the 6DOT50 mobile app or website and enter the amount of Digital Rands that you want to BUY. We will confirm the total cost including applicable fees. If you accept our quote, you may pay for your Digital Rands at any one of more than 100 000 till points across South Africa using cash or use your bank card to purchase your Digital Rand vouchers in App.
Why do I need to pay a transaction fee when I BUY Digital Vouchers?
6DOT50 has contracted with various solution providers to facilitate the collection of payments for the sale of 6DOT50 Digital Vouchers. These service providers charge for their services and we, unfortunately, need to recover these costs. The fees are quoted at the time that you request to BUY our vouchers. We are working to try and reduce these fees.
How do I BUY Digital Dollars Vouchers?
6DOT50 will be introducing Digital Dollar Vouchers. Digital Dollars offers members the easiest way to HOLD real US Dollar value without the need to open a bank account. Members resident in South Africa may USE their Digital Rands to BUY Digital Dollar Vouchers. In order to comply with the South African Reserve Bank requirements, only verified 6DOT50 members, those who verify their identity, will be able to BUY Digital Dollars. Follow the USE links to access Digital Dollars when they are released.
How much does a Digital Dollar Voucher cost?
A Digital Dollar voucher is equal to 1 United States Dollar. We will confirm the applicable exchange rate and add a transaction fee for our services. Our services include holding the value of your voucher in our bank account and managing your requests and instructions to BUY, SEND and USE your vouchers. When you select BUY in our APP or on our website you will get a full breakdown of the costs before you accept the fees.
How do I use Digital Vouchers to PAY for goods and services?

There are currently two ways to pay using digital vouchers.


6DOT50 Merchants are those businesses such as spaza shops and eCommerce platforms that have registered as merchants directly with 6DOT50 and have been issued with a 6DOT50 merchant code. To pay these types of merchants please use the SEND links and instead of entering a mobile number, as you would do to send Digital Rands to family and friends, you should enter the merchant number. The merchant will receive an instant notification of your payment.


6DOT50 has integrated with till points across South Africa including all Shoprite, Checkers and USave stores where our 6DOT50 WiCodes are accepted as a way to pay. To pay these wiCode enabled stores, please follow the USE links to create a wiCode number. When you are ready to pay for your goods at these stores, share the wiCode number with the cashier who will enter the number instead of taking cash or asking you for your bank card. Upon entering the number 6DOT50 will be requested to approve the payment. Assuming you have enough funds to cover your purchase, 6DOT50 will authorize the purchase and will pay the store directly. WiCode have a limited time validity so make sure you use the wiCode while it is still valid. If it expires, simply generate another wiCode.

What is a 6DOT50 wiCode?
A wiCode is a combination of a QR Code and a number. Follow the USE links and create a wiCode when you want to pay for goods and services at wiCode enabled till points. When you are asked to pay give the teller the wiCode number and tell them that you are paying with a wiCode. The teller will enter the wiCode number and 6DOT50 will get an automated request to confirm payment on your behalf. If you have enough voucher value in your account to cover your purchase we will authorize payment and pay the retailer directly.
What is the COVID-19 ACCOUNT?

Millions of South African residents are running out of money to pay for essential goods during the COVID-19 lockdown. Current initiatives linked to food parcel deliveries are plagued by logistical challenges and, given the scale of the problem, are not making any meaningful difference to the plight of people that are hungry today.

The COVID-19 Account has been created as the easiest way for people who need help urgently to register as a 6DOT50 member and automatically qualify for help. The COVID-19 Account also caters for members to BUY Digital Rands and Contribute them to the COVID-19 Account so that 6DOT50 can distribute the funds to all qualifying members. The account is managed in terms of the 6DOT50 COVID-19 RULES . Members receiving Digital Rands will be able to use them as a way to pay at all Shoprite, Checkers and Usave stores as well as all 6DOT50 Merchants, including spaza shops, that have registered to accept Digital Rands as payment.

Is 6DOT50 limited to South African Citizens only?
No, all you need to open an account is a South African mobile telephone number. To qualify for 6DOT50 COVID-19 Account support you will need to verify your SA Identity or passport information or other proof of identity that is acceptable to 6DOT50.
Where can I USE Digital Rands to pay for goods and services?

6DOT50 Digital Rands can be used as a way to pay at all participating 6DOT50 Merchants in South Africa, such as Spaza shops and eCommerce platforms, that have registered directly as merchants with 6DOT50. To pay a 6DOT50 merchant ask them for their 6DOT50 merchant number, follow the SEND links and enter their merchant number and the amount that you want to pay. The merchant will get an instant notification when you confirm your payment.

You can also pay for goods and services at all participating wiCode enabled retailers, such as Shoprite, Checkers and Usave stores, by using a wiCode number. Follow the USE links to create a wiCode and share this wiCode number with the cashier when you need to pay. Tell the cashier that you are using a wiCode to pay.

What fees do I need to pay?
We only charge fees to members when buying our 6DOT50 Digital Vouchers. The fees are quoted as part of the BUY process and may vary depending on the type of voucher and manner in which you are paying. You will be asked to accept the fees before committing to buying our Digital Vouchers. We do not charge any monthly fees or any fees when you SEND Digital Vouchers to other members or when you USE Digital Vouchers to PAY a merchant or when using a wiCode.
Can I SEND Digital Vouchers to other users?
Yes, you can SEND Digital Vouchers to any other 6DOT50 member for FREE wherever they are. We do not restrict how much you can SEND or how often you can send to other members. Our Digital Vouchers are great birthday gifts and a simple WAY2PAY someone that you owe money to. Remember to add your family and friends as favourites so that the SEND option is easier to use.
Can I sell my Digital Vouchers?
Yes, it is possible to SELL your Digital Vouchers privately to any other member using the SEND feature to transfer ownership.
Are 6DOT50 DIGITAL Vouchers cryptocurrencies?
No, unlike cryptocurrencies, our Digital voucher products are simply products in a digital form that derive their value from known and trusted fiat currencies such as the US Dollar. 100% of the value of a Digital Voucher is held in a registered bank account for your exclusive benefit until you redeem your voucher value for one of the products and or services that we make available through our platform. We simply hold your Digital voucher product in your account until you transfer ownership to other members or until you redeem your vouchers in exchange for other goods and services.
Why are Digital Vouchers better than CASH?
By converting your cash to Digital vouchers, you are immediately able to enjoy the benefits of transacting on-line through our partner eCommerce solutions that give you access to thousands of merchants and products and services across multiple territories. Cash is also vulnerable to counterfeiting, theft, swindling and physical disaster.
How does a 6DOT50 Account differ from a Bank Account?
We are not a deposit holding institution. We are a closed loop membership programme that offers its members access to BUY Digital Vouchers that may be exchanged for goods and services available through our network of voucher redemption partners. Our solution is offered subject to our member and benefit rules. The 6DOT50 Digital vouchers are not legal tender and cannot be used as freely as paper money. Our mission is, however, to ensure that our members are able to use their voucher value to access an extensive network of payment gateways, merchants and eCommerce solutions worldwide.
How do I open a 6DOT50 Account?
You may apply for your FREE 6DOT50 membership using our mobile apps (Apple and Android) or on our website.
Do I need a bank account to open a 6DOT50 Account?
No, you do not need a bank account to open a 6DOT50 Account. As a non-banked member you may purchase your 6DOT50 vouchers using local currency cash at any one of our participating retailers. All that is needed to open an account with 6DOT50 is a South African mobile number.
How much does it cost to send a Digital Rands to another member?
Send and receive Digital Rands to and from any South African resident who has a 6DOT50 Account for FREE. Digital Dollars, when available, will cater for free cross border sending.
What are the monthly 6DOT50 account fees?
We do not charge any monthly account fees; your account is free. We charge a transaction fee when you BUY your Digital Voucher and in some cases we may charge a fee when you USE your Digital Vouchers by redeeming them for other vouchers offered by 6DOT50. Most USE cases do not attract transaction fees.
Do I get an account card?
Not directly, however, by authorizing one of our payment partners, that may have card facilities to use your 6DOT50 Account, to settle any amounts that you spend with them you may be able to access their physical account card.
What type of smart phone do I need?
You can use the 6DOT50 App on either an Android or iOS (Apple) smart device. Simply go to Google Play or Appstore to download the 6DOT50 App.