KasiCASH is Digital Cash. Get your free KasiCASH account and enjoy a safe and easy way to digitally store your cash, send and receive cash and pay for goods and services using your phone. KasiCASH is designed to help users transact without the need to open a bank account. Your cash is converted to 6DOT50 Digital Rand (DZAR) vouchers. You can buy DZAR, receive DZAR, send DZAR and use DZAR to pay for goods and services from over 80 000 stores and online retailers using your phone.

Simply use your phone to call this number: *134*20039# and follow the instructions.

There are no monthly charges or transaction fees to receive, send and use DZAR (Digital Rands). If you can’t use your DZAR you can access a cash refund at any Pick n Pay store. A fee of R10.00 will be charged for refunds up to R1000.00 per transaction.

KasiCASH is a data and airtime free service if you access your KasiCASH Account by dialing *134*20039#. You can also access your Digital Rands (DZAR) by using any of the 6DOT50 Apps, but you will need data or access to WIFI to use these apps.

Yes, follow the airtime or data option when calling *134*20039# and then choose “Other Number”. This will enable you to buy airtime or data for any South African mobile number across MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom Mobile network. When buying airtime or data for a South African mobile number remember to replace the first 0 with a 27. For example, number 0821230987 should be entered as 27821230987

Simply reply with option 3  after calling number *134*20039#  and follow the instructions. Remember to replace the first 0 with 27, for example if you want to send to 0821230987 then enter 27821230987.

KasiCASkH is designed to help you safely and easily pay for goods and services using your phone but if you cannot use your Digital Rands using KasiCASH you can get a cash refund at any Pick n Pay store.  After calling number: *134*20039# follow option 4, choose the reason for your refund. You will be given a wiCode number. Take this number to any Pick n Pay store and tell the cashier that you want to make a mobile cash withdrawal using a wiCode number. Read the number to the cashier and tell the cashier how much cash you want. The maximum cash refund per transaction is R1000.00 and a fee of R10.00 will be charged. For example, if you have a balance of DZAR 500.00 you will only be able to request a R490.00 refund.

Dial *134*20039#, enter your secure pin and then follow option 5 to GET A wiCode. When you need to pay the cashier, tell the cashier that you want to make a mobile payment using a wiCode and share the wiCode number with the cashier. The cashier will enter the wiCode number and if you have enough DZAR in your account the payment will be approved.