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Register to access your FREE 6DOT50 PAY business account, purchase Digital Rands using EFT, upload your batch payment files and push PAY!

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Make it easy for your customers, employees and users to instantly receive money and pay for goods and services available from over 80 000 stores and online retailers by sending them Digital Rands.

Focus on your core competency

Buying vouchers & distributing them as rewards or incentives and paying your unbanked staff is a complex and time-consuming process and will most likely stretch your resources. 6DOT50 PAY lets you focus on your core business while rewarding those who help you grow.

Save time and money

Enjoy a FREE 6DOT50 PAY business account, send Digital Rands to any mobile number, download your payment history and monitor your user engagement.

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If you have ever tried to send money to someone who is unbanked or if you have had the need to send small amounts to thousands of people you will know that this is easier said than done! Ignoring the excessive costs associated with multiple payments to multiple accounts across multiple banks, the reality is that more than 11 million people living in South Africa do not have a bank account and it is impossible to easily send money to these individuals. We built 6DOT50 PAY to make this a much easier process!

– Warren Venter – founder 6DOT50